What’s Your Story?

Most of us have at one time or another been affected by an internal or external voice (often both) telling us that we can’t do something. You might have heard this from your teachers, your parents, partners or even your friends. Often it may be simply clumsy language but well-intentioned. Whatever the intention, that voice becomes internalised and can wreak untold damage.

This blog challenges that voice.

Think of a boxer who gets knocked down five times without reply. The scorecard is not in his favour and the odds are against him. What do you think his mindset and confidence is like after getting knocked down for the fifth time.  The crowd are cheering for him to be put out of his misery, just waiting for him to fall again and not get up. But he comes back to win by knocking the other guy out. The only way he can do that though is if he gets up from the canvas five times.

I know, very Rocky Balboa, but it happens all the time in every walk of life (including boxing for that matter).

The point is that getting knocked down does not mean you have to stay down!

What distinguishes those that go on to succeed from those that wither away in the merciless winds of public criticism, failure and humiliation is a trait which all successful people appear to possess.


That something inside you that makes you get back up off the canvass.

A person’s story is not based on a moment or period of his or her life.  It’s not  based on the first 11 rounds of a boxing fight. And it’s certainly not based on someone else’s perception of you (that’s part of their story – not yours). We cannot control how other people tell their story. But we can write our own.

If you are reading this it means you are alive, so your story is still being written.  So pick up your proverbial pen and never again allow anyone else to use it – write your own story!

Never stop dreaming. Never stop aspiring. And never give up. Only that way will you inspire others to do the same.

One of the common threads that bind humanity is the desire for recognition.

What will I be remembered for when I am gone?

Will I simply be forgotten and consigned to eternal anonymity as if, a century or two from now, I may as well not have existed at all?

While all of us will die at some point, most of us would still like to think that our lives had some meaning. That after we go we will be remembered.

Think of the lost stories of millions of anonymous people who have made up the history of man and womankind before us.  Imagine the treasure trove of wisdom, experience and knowledge that died with them. Human ingenuity has expressed itself and survived through centuries through music, art, architecture, philosophy, science, politics, war and countless other areas of human endeavour. Today much of that knowledge can be found on the internet.

But there is another legacy that is historically reserved for those bequeathed with the laurel of greatness. And they have one thing in common.

They are remembered for making other people believe they themselves could do and achieve things they thought impossible.  They are remembered for their leadership.

What is your story?


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